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PlayCubes, Barcelona, Espanja

Tutustu tähän fantastiseen PlayCubes-leikkipaikkaan Sant Pere de Ribes, Barcelona, jossa on erilaisia ​​PlayCube-rakenteita.

27.4.2018 11:18:00

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Inclusive Playground in Madrid, Spain

This new playground in the neighbourhood of Orcasitas in Madrid was initiated by the Government Department of Environment and Mobility who wanted a unique play area with play elements that complemented the surrounding environment, as well as, being inclusive and accessible. HAGS were delighted to have been chosen to carry out this amazing project.

The playground consists of two play areas with different surfacing materials (sand and wet pour). The wet pour area has been specifically designed as an inclusive area for children of all ages and abilities where we have installed a multi-play unit with inclusive and easily accessible activities, a group swing, a Spinmee inclusive roundabout which is wheelchair accessible, as well as play panels and seesaws.

The sand area comprises of an impressive multi-play unit with three high towers and two long tube slides, plus many different activities at all levels. In this area we have also installed swings with different types of seats to cater for children of all ages, a roundabout, plus springers and seesaws. Sand is also a wonderful material that provides children with a sensory experience, in addition to giving them opportunities for social, imaginative and creative play experiences.

To complete the play area and to create a comfortable environment, we have provided users with park furniture such as benches and litter bins.

This wonderful playground can hold up to approximately 139 children, becoming an important meeting point and play space for the whole community to get together.

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Madrid, Spain

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