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Agito Aura

July 2011

HAGS:in tuoteperheen Agito sisältää lukuisia modulaarisia kiipeilytelineitä, jotka ovat suunnattu antamaan haastetta yli 6-vuotiaille. Moderni ulkoasu, upeat värit sekä innovatiivinen leikkikokemus ovat tehneet Agito-sarjasta erittäin suositun. Nyt, 10 vuotta Agiton ensiesiintymisestä, julkaisemme uuden, valaistun Agiton, - Agito Auran.

Welcome to our new website!

April 2011

We are happy to announce the launch of our new website. Many improvements have been made to the site and we hope that you like it. This new site makes easier and quicker than ever to get a quote from us – just add any products you like in "My favourites", send them to us and you will receive an estimate shortly. Make sure that you try out the new features of the site like the cases section and the product sections. Also, remember to sign up for newsletters through the top bar.

HAGS YouTube channel

April 2011

Watch our products in action on YouTube! Go here to visit our channel and watch movies of the Reddy swing, Viper, Titan and much more.

HAGS iPhone aplikaatio

April 2011

Nyt se on täällä! HAGS.in oma IPhone aplikaatio "HAGS Vision". Mene app storeen, ja etsi nimellä HAGS Vision. Lataus kannattaa tehdä wifi yhteydellä johtuen ohjelman koosta.

Link to iTunes Store

HAGS new communication platform

April 2011

Together with the communcation agency Bolt we launched our new communication platform at the Sales Conference 2011.


Playfulness is HAGS approach to design, communcation and life in general. HAGS promotes fun, excitement, health and wellbeing.


2011 Sales Conference at Kolmarden

March 2011

The aim of the conference was to demonstrate the work that has been going on throughout 2010 by all the teams as a direct result of the feedback we received during the 2010 conference. At that event we heard loud and clear that your priorities were….New Products and New Website and Marketing material. These two requirements were considered by all to be essential to drive growth for us all.

HAGS builds UniPlay unit in Ireland

September 2010

The biggest potato crisps brand on Ireland is Tayoto Crisps. Owner is Largo Food, and right now they are building a Theme Park called Tayto Park close to their plant.

HAGS at the World Expo in Shanghai

May 2010

On May 1 the World Expo in Shanghai was opened. Just outside of the Swedish pavilion you’ll find the fantastic HAGS Pippi Longstocking house.