PlayPower brings smiles and joy to Moroccan orphanages

The PlayPower group have recently teamed up with Bloom Charity, a US-based organization that provides mental health and early childhood development programs for Moroccan orphans.

We were extremely pleased to find out that last month Bloom opened the first play area in Salé, a small town in Morocco, with equipment from the PlayPower portfolio, including HAGS’ Robinia range and the Merry Roundabout. The open event welcomed many excited and happy children who couldn’t wait to play on their brand-new playground!

HAGS’ distributor in Morocco, Palitash, also contributed greatly by offering discounted surfacing and installation.

This is one of many fantastic projects with Bloom Charity and we are looking forward to providing additional play opportunities to even more children in Moroccan orphanages.

Children playing on the Merry Roundabout in a Moroccan Orphanage Play Area

Children crossing the Robinia net bridge in a Moroccan playground

Children climbing a Robinia net climber in Moroccan playground